Since 1969



We, Sunder Designer Studio, situated at Chembur East, Mumbai, Maharashtra are a fashion store for fashion conscious people of all age group.

At Sunder Designer Studio we try to commemorate the craft of traditional tailoring of menswear through the bespoke process while providing you with affordable luxury with a unique and unequaled service.

  Mission: We sincerely want you to be fully satisfied with the fit of your made-to-measure garments.

Bespoke Suits

What you wear in the workplace has more impact than you might think. A stylish, well tailored business suit will reflect your professionalism and create the impression that you want to make with the audience that you want to make it with. Whether you frequently attend board meetings, see clients on a regular basis, attend various exhibitions and conferences or do a lot of international travel, you need suits and garments that will get you noticed.

For one of the most memorable days of your life, you and your groomsmen need tailored suits that are fit for the occasion. I will create and design suits that will be crafted with your individual personality and sense of style in mind. I will also work closely with your groomsmen so that they have suits that complement the theme and create a sense of balance.


Bespoke Sherwani

No wedding is complete without a classic sherwani or a well fitting suit and the team of designers here at Sunder Designer Studio like to ensure that your sherwani and wedding outfits are tailored to perfection to make you stand out. From simple handwork to exquisite artwork, their designers are highly creative and make outfits which suit your personality and sense of style. With an array of patterns and various types of designs, they also have top-notch fabrics, individual body-specific measurements and endless customization options to choose from to provide sherwani for you for every fancy clothing need.

They also have an option to customize the outfits to give you the best fitting and that will look exceptionally good on you. You can choose as per your liking in the price range that you are looking for as they have outfits in every range.